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There is a deluge of cinema yet a dearth of quality, and we humans emulate that which we observe. Cinema Aficiona seeks to separate the wheat from the chaff and analyze what speaks to the human soul, fires the imagination, and appreciate what makes a truly good story.
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August 28, 2021
Cinema Aficiona: The Naked Gun 33 1/3

Good Morning Cinema Aficiona! This morning we'll be continuing our classic comedy series with a movie from one of Leslie Nielsen's best known series: "The Naked Gun". 8 years following the release of Airplane!, David and Jerry Zucker, along with Jim Abrahams, cast Leslie as the star of their latest straight-played comedy movie which was based off their wildly popular Television series "Police Squad!" that started back in 1982.
This lampoon of the Dragnet, Chips style cop shows of the late 70's went on to garner 2 additional sequels, and a plethora of similar movies parodying Spy flicks, Action films, and even Horror movies of the era, all with Leslie playing the titular role no matter what the genre called for.
We'll be watching the final movie of the Naked Gun series because it's not only the funniest of the trio, but I also completely forgot that it's the only one I have available in digital copy.
Please enjoy a good laugh with one of Canada's finest actor's in what was arguably his most well-known role!

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September 19, 2022
Video: Primal Retort

Just a meme borne of enjoying watching Genndy Tartakovsky's Primal.


April 02, 2022
Cinema Aficiona: The Trailer

Fantastic video from @BigBlueVA for our weekly Cinema Aficiona meetings! I love this, absolutely wholesome.mp4. Thank you, Andrew!!

Live Streamed on December 5, 2021 7:40 PM ET
December 05, 2021
Clara & The Nutcracker Live Reading: Continued

Continuing the live-read of Clara & The Nutcracker.

April 09, 2022
Cinema Aficiona: The Lion King (1994)

Good Morning Cinema Aficiona !

This morning we're presenting the 1994 animated feature "The Lion King" directed by Rob Minkoff and Roger Allers. For the directors, this was a bit of a flash in the pan, as I haven't found anything else in their repertoire worth pointing out, and based off of stories of how this movie shifted and evolved during the production phase, I'd say it's very fair to call this a "lightning in a bottle" scenario, and the last worthwhile animated feature that would be created by the studio.

With a fantastic soundtrack by the incomparable Hans Zimmer, and story supervision at the hands of Ms. Brenda Chapman (fresh off her work on The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast), this weekend's event is sure to knock your nostalgic socks off. And for those who have never seen it, prepare to witness the greatest achievement in featured animation history.

We will be watching an unedited, unrestored, laserdisc version of the movie, as most every modern copy has ...

Cinema Aficiona: The Lion King (1994)
January 14, 2022
The Rise of Balxiros: Prologue Part 2

During the pursuit of the Levithian cultists, the group was surprised to run into the very person they’d slain a few nights prior; the cultist mage, Varris Toll. While he was reticent to cooperate with our heroes, his newfound status as an extremely rare type of undead made him target for the spell component savvy, and he resigned himself to trading protection for his inherent ability to track down the source of his undeath: His lady love, Vynn les Fairchild. As he led the party onward, their destination soon became clear. Vynn, and the gnoll war party she travelled with, were heading towards the location of a historic tragedy.

Pushing into the infamous Dead City, our heroes first sought refuge in the Temple of Kahl which stood relatively undamaged within the ruins. However, what should have been a place of respite, had been defiled by a great evil from the past. One of the Generals of Let’Tur Val himself; Ethirr Nux, sat in deathless vigil midst the unhallowed cathedral...

Music ...

The Rise of Balxiros: Prologue Part 2
January 12, 2022
The Rise of Balxiros: Prologue Part 1

The evil exploits of the nefarious sorcerer Balxiros Nul Sagar were once well known. He reigned supreme over the lands, having successfully resurrected Levith, God of Evil and the Draconic. After a great battle, the sorcerer was defeated by an unlikely cadre of heroes, ending his tyrannical rule.

Even after his defeat, Balxiros’s corpse continued to exude malefic control over any who were near, and thus, it was cut into parts and sanctified within five of the greatest cities in the known world. Additionally, Balxiros’s eye and clawed thumb, plucked and cleaved from him during the battle, were passed on to the children of the House Navari for generations.

Now, over a century later, time has numbed collective memory, and the world has begun a dark march towards evil. Horrific acts of violence seem to become more and more commonplace as a cult long thought extinct sews chaos across the realm.

The Rise of Balxiros: Prologue Part 1
March 22, 2023
Cinema Aficiona LIVE at MEGACON 2023 in Orlando, FL!!

Cinema Aficiona is an official panelist at this year's MEGACON in Orlando, FL! Sorry for being AWOL for the last few months, been working hard on things behind the scenes and some of that work has paid off!


If you are attending MEGACON this year, join me Thursday, 30 March at 6:30PM in S320G on the third floor of the North-South concourse for a live Cinema Aficiona! Since we don't have a full 2 hours to watch a film and discuss it, I will be analyzing a few clips from some past CA classics like A Fistful of Dollars, The Shining, Pirates of the Caribbean, and A Flight of Dragons, as well as discussing the big-picture for why Cinema Aficiona was started in the first place.

Tickets are still available for Thurs! I hope to see you guys there!

December 24, 2022
Merry Christmas!

For this blessed evening, please enjoy my new favorite animated Christmas feature with friends, family, or whoever you are sharing this wonderful holiday with tonight.

December 13, 2022
Sketchbook: He Protecc

The last few years have definitely taken a toll on my creative drive. Still forcing some occasional drawing. Hans and Clara vs. beasties.

post photo preview
December 21, 2022
post photo preview
A Study in Gaslighting and Disingenuous Academia
“How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Accept Atlantis”

First, an apology to all those who followed my Locals thinking it would be artwork and memes; you are about to get some good ol’ analysis. And for those of you who have known me for a LONG time; Huzzah! It’s finally time once again for some good ol’ analysis.

I have just finished Graham Hancock’s outstanding new series “Ancient Apocalypse” which presents very clearly and thoroughly a number of anthropological and historical theories and assertations that have always been at the forefront of the collective consciousness of mankind. These subjects are discussed side-by-side with uncensored and phenomenal site evidence, new archaeological discoveries, and impressive all-source analysis that makes these propositions, in my estimation, self-evident. In simpler terms: Graham said Plato was right about Atlantis and the “academics” are angry about it.

Ancient Apocalypse is the first audio-visual presentation to take concepts such as The Lost Civilization of Atlantis and Catastrophic Destruction of a Human Civilization outside of the realm of myth, and plant them firmly in historical fact. Plenty of people, hinged and otherwise, have made similar assertations in the past, but due to their mocking, censorship, deplatforming, or the exploitation of personal shortcomings by critics, very few public voices have dared to consider these events as something to be taken seriously until now.

I will say now, for those of you reading this who have not yet seen Graham Hancock’s Ancient Apocalypse, please take the time do to so in the manner most convenient to you, which hopefully supports Graham’s financial welfare and future endeavors.

Now that the stage is set, getting to the subject that made me sit down and write my first analytical post in years, I will cop out and simply copy pasta the off-the-cuff ranting I did in a private group chat on this subject as I watched the

- Graham Hancock, Randall Carlson & Michael Shermer:

You wanna see a master gaslighter? Check Michael Shermer using weasel words and totally irrelevant subjects to sound smart.

This guy is trying to claim because there were no metal tools found at Göbekli Tepe, it can't be an "advanced civilization-made location" when it is self-evident from the dating on the site putting it at 12,000 years ago and the fact that it's BEAUTIFULLY CARVED STONE PILLARS AND ALIGNMENTS TO SIGNIFICANT ASTRONOMICAL MARKERS. He’s acting like that's not from a civilization more advanced than hunter-gatherers that allegedly couldn’t even sustain an agrarian presence, could only build huts and use tents, and couldn't construct large stone buildings. This guy continually moves goalposts and brings up things that have nothing to do with the subject matter to derail or make false equivalences.

Graham: We have, according to the current “accepted” human society timeline, the world's first perfectly north-south aligned building, and astronomical referencing carved in stone.
Shermer: Maybe.
Graham: Maybe?? I'm citing the measurements of the site from the guy who discovered it!

This guy can't even look Graham in the eyes while he speaks. "Because ONE journal finally published ONE article about a fringe theory that disproves any mass attempt to keep alternative theories down." - This Guy

LORD GIVE ME PATIENCE. I jumped ahead to where Graham and Randall were talking, the midwit chimes in again, and says something so absolutely batshit insane that Joe Rogan

and calls him ridiculous.

Shermer literally compared someone painting on a wall to creating the largest megalithic astronomically aligned stonework site in the world. He claims the level of skill is comparable, and both are impressive. Granted, yes, painting with three-dimensional perspective is impressive. However, it’s nowhere near the cognitive and societal accomplishment of building something like Göbekli Tepe, and even inferring that is asinine at best and nefarious at worst.

The They’s of the world really don’t want the idea that “civilizations just as advanced as our current one were wiped out in a cataclysmic event” to take root. If we are at the pinnacle now, everything is justifiable. All fears of "going too far" and "shouldn't we be more careful?" go away. They get to say "We're the smartest, we know better, we’ve never had these opportunities before, we’ve never had better technology," and conduct whatever evil they want under the guise of progress. Additionally, ANYTHING that points to the Bible being true scares the shit outta these people. Gotta keep it "Haha silly retards think there's a magic man in the sky".

Shills: Plato was a great Historian, we base a lot of ancient history off of his completely provable claims.
Graham: What about him giving explicit and detailed historical account of what happened to Atlantis and its advanced civilization that he got from the Egyptians?
Shills: No no, Plato was clearly a lunatic about that one thing.

Shermer then weasels "There's Graham, he seems so reasonable-" home boy is literally insulting Graham Hancock to his face. Shermer then goes "Graham, I'm sorry, I didn't mean it to sound like that" after Graham calls his insult out. Shermer then gives a non-apology in an absolutely sociopathic manner.

Every time Randall Carlson gets his turn to talk he just nukes Shermer’s arguments from orbit.


. Joe calls a colleague of Shermer’s, guy named Marc Defant who has misrepresented Graham’s positions in the past to discredit him. They want to set the record straight and they get him on the video call line. Marc starts off with "Well I'm sorry if I disturbed and upset you," when Graham was neither disturbed nor upset, but that statement now tries to reshape the entire interview into "Graham is weak and his feelings are easily hurt". And then when Graham calls him out, he immediately gaslights again and infers that Graham refuting him was "wasting time", to which Joe chimes in immediately going "No no, we have plenty of time."

This is GOLD analysis on gaslighting!

Then when Joe refutes him, he tries to change the subject using weasel words like "Would you allow me to just address *change of subject*?" Then when Joe refutes THAT attempt, he shuts down and throws up his arms going "Well what was the question then?"

After doubling down on misrepresenting Graham’s arguments, it gets so bad that Shermer chimes in going “Marc, we actually did misrepresent him,” because even Shermer realizes how terrible this looks for the both of them.

At this point I stopped watching the interview, it was just too tedious to hear the continual “nuh-uh” level rebuttals to Graham and Randall’s rock-solid info. And for anyone wondering why I consistently malign, dismiss, and mock “academia”, this interview is the perfect demonstration.

While many people will defend the parties involved in this discussion because of the “rational and polite” way in which it was conducted, I say that’s BULL. When you have one party insulting and belittling the other consistently, to which one side has to continually defend not only their argument, but themselves, that’s not a rational or polite debate. It’s exhausting, tedious, and serves to give the illusion of “both sides having merit” to the passive listener.

Graham and Randall’s analyses speak for themselves, so the only argument that people like Shermer can heave at them is one that brings attention to other subjects and other people. They must tie one person’s reputation to another and discredit them both, because the analysis is solid.

Academia has rewarded this faux debate technique along with groupthink and consensus for so long that it has destroyed the very concept of critical thought. Consensus is the opposite of discovery and the antithesis of invention.

“The finest candlemakers would have never thought of the lightbulb. The advances can never be peer reviewed; they come from the fringe.” – Allan Savory, Ecologist

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