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Welcome to Kalei Works, where Movie Night meets Life Coaching:

Kalei Works started as a small, monthly get-together that I hosted over the last decade called “Bellinimation.” I would invite close friends and colleagues over for the weekend where we would analyze movies, television shows, comics, books, you-name-it, and spend hours discussing the finer points of the stories we came across.

After a number of overseas moves, I carried on the tradition digitally, and it eventually turned into a weekly event that became known as Kalei Works.

As more and more participants came into the chat to watch the shows and movies I had to offer, I began to notice that many had never heard of the stories I had always considered hallmarks and watersheds within the industry. The sessions took on a bit of an educational vibe, and while some resented the harsh critiques of media they found to be enjoyable, those who stayed grew to appreciate the wealth of information that my friends and I had to offer.

After nearly 12 months of uninterrupted weekly meets, I realized I needed to make the effort to catalogue the discussions and analysis that took place during these events, especially the deep-dives into what set good movies apart from the common drivel.

At Kalei Works, I offer insight into what have become the cream of the crop, top of the list, A-1 stories that have survived the test of time and carry the weight of fundamental human truths behind their messaging, unapologetically, and without reservation.

Since many people today substitute a moral compass and critical thought with poorly written entertainment and sensational media that codifies and encourages the poor decisions that exacerbate their misery, sincere and brutal critique of terrible cinema and film has become a laughably hazardous hobby. For that reason, I chose the Locals platform to host this community, dissuading any who seek to threaten and coerce these discussions out of existence.

If you value excellence in storytelling and hold sincerity in high regard, I invite you to become a member of the Kalei Works community.

Come watch some great cinema with a knowledgeable audience and it might just improve your life.

Community Guidelines

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  • Be respectful
  • Be sincere
  • Keep it classy

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